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Miscellaneous Products
Under our miscellaneous category are a number of quality products such as:
1. Personal Accident Policy

This policy is designed to provide compensation to the insured or his legal representative for  Death,  Permanent Total Disablement, Temporary Total Disablement or Medical Expenses arising from bodily injury resulting  solely  and directly form accident caused by external violent and visible means whereby  such  bodily injury  shall  directly  and independently of any other cause result in death, loss or disablement. Disablement is generally inferred when a person is so injured that he cannot engage in any business of any kind or attend to his normal occupation. Such disability could be permanent or short duration.

2. Electronic Equipment Insurance Policy

This type of insurance offers you financial protection in the case your electric equipment suffers accidental, mechanical and electrical breakdown requiring repairs and/or replacement. The policy covers all types of computers, communication instruments, medical equipment etc.

​3. Employer's Liability Policy

The Aureol's Employer Liability Policy also known as the Workmen's Compensation Policy pays compensation for bodily injury  or disease arising out of the employee and all costs and expenses incurred with the insurers consent in defending any claim for such compensation.

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