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Life Products
There is the popular adage that Life is short. Therefore, planning for the inevitable or unforeseen events in one's life is important. For this reason, we have structured our life assurance policies to cater for a wide range of budgets and needs.

1.  Life Insurance
Endowment Assurance (With or Without Profits)
This is a valuable form of investment combined with Life Assurance Cover. It provides payment of a sum assured at the end of a selected term if the policyholder is alive or if death occurs before the end of the selected term. Even if the policyholder dies soon after paying the first premium, the company is obliged under the agreement to pay the full sum assured to the policyholders dependents. Under and Endowments with profits policy, an attractive bonus is paid in addition to the sum assured guaranteed f the policyholder survives to the end of the selected period.

2. Worldwide Travel Insurance Medical Plan
This is a Master Plan that covers medical expenses up to the tune of €30,000.00. It can be taken by corporate clients, NGOs, Government agencies, private company workshops, or business trips, individuals and families going on vacation.

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