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General Products

Our general insurance products provide a wide range of coverage within the categories listed below:

1. Marine Insurance

Our Cargo Insurance Policy provides cover to protect Importers, Exporters as well as individuals against Loss, Theft or Damage of their goods or property carried by vessels or ships by sea or waterways such as rivers, lakes or canals. Similarly, shipments of goods and personal effects by air are also covered under our Marine Cargo Insurance Policy. Our Marine Policy also covers Hull  / Yacht risks engine, passengers and Third Party Liability.

2. Motor Insurance


As outlined in (2) below but extended to cover Fire & Theft.

The Company will indemnify the insured liability to third parties for:
  • Death or bodily injury

  • Damage to their property


The Company will indemnify the Insured against loss or damage to the Motor Vehicle:

  • accidental collision or over-turning.

  • self-ignition or lightening or burglary, housebreaking or theft. Death of or bodily injury to any person covered under the policy.

  • Property Damage

3. Fire Insurance

Our Fire Policy is so flexible that whatever your needs, it can tailored to suit them. This Policy is issued to cover private and Business premises (factories, shops, warehouses) and their content against loss or damage by fire and lightning. The Fire Policy can be extended to cover special perils like earthquakes, storms, flood, impact, explosions.


4. Medical Insurance

This policy provides both In-Patient and Out-Patient treatments to individuals , family units and employers. The scope of cover includes medical consultations , diagnostic laboratory tests, radiological investigations, prescribed medicine and drugs, dental and ophthalmic treatments.


5. Travel Insurance Medical Plan

This is a master plan that covers Medical expenses up to the tune of €30,000.00. It can be take by corporate clients, NGOs, Government institutions, private companies workshops or business trips, also individuals and families going on vacation.

6. Children's Education Insurance Policy

One of the best legacies that you can leave your child is a good continuous education. The final stages in the education o fa child can be costly , if then, , why don't you start funding in advance and spread this over a period. A parent takes the policy on his/her life for the benefit of the child's future. Also, under the scheme, should you die before the maturity of this policy, the sum assured will be utilized for the education and maintenance of the child.

7. Providence Fund / Severance Scheme

​Provident Fund is a type of savings account on which a guaranteed lump sum plus interest accrued over the accumulated years are paid upon retirement or withdrawal of the employee i.e. resignation from the company. The guaranteed lump sum is  accumulated contributions deducted from the monthly salaries of the employer's own contributions which are paid to Aureol regularly as and when  deductions are made. These contributions are made to the accounts of the individuals covered under the scheme.

8. Goods-In Transit

This policy covers against loss or damage caused by an insured peril while the goods or part thereof are being loaded or unloaded from any insured vehicle anywhere within the geographical area of Sierra Leone.

9. Cash-In Transit

It covers loss of money in all forms belonging to the insured while  in transit form the insured's premises to the bank and vice versa and kept overnight in the office safe for the payment of salaries and wages and cost of repairs and replacement of the safe or strong room.

10. Contractor's All Risk Policy

This provides cover for contract works, materials or any part thereof  that shall suffer nay unforeseen and sudden physical loss or damage from any cause, other than those specially excluded; in a manner necessitating repairs or replacement.


It indemnifies  the insured against all such sums which the insured  shall become legally liable to pay as damages arising out of:

  • accidental bodily injury or third party whether fatal

  • accidental loss or damage to property belonging to third parties occuring in direct connection of the contract and happening on or in the immediate vicinity of the site during the period of insurance


In addition to paying compensation in respect of the above losses the  comp,any will indemnify  the insured against:

  • All costs and expenses of litigation recovered by any claimant from the insured

  • All costs and expenses incurred with the written consent of the  insurers.

11. Erection All Risk

This policy offers all risks cover for plant, machinery and equipment or steel structures in the course of installation including commissioning and testing period. Like the Contractors' All Risks,  third party bodily injury or property  damages are all covered.

12. All Risks Policy

This policy provides cover against loss or damage to property belonging to the insured resulting from any  fortuitous or unforeseen circumstance while property is in insured's custody.

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