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In Insurance, the acid test of an Insurer is the ability to meet its claims obligation.  It has been said that an Insurer’s best form of advertisement is the way in which he deals with claims.  Over the years, Aureol Insurance Company has settled genuine claims promptly and efficiently thus portraying an impressive claims record.

At A.I.C, customer service is our priority. We strive to treat every customer with utmost care and fairness in order to keep them satisfied.

We always ensure the prompt settlement of genuine claims.

Efficient Claims Management is a vital tool in the success story of our company. As it is always stated the ‘acid test of every Insurance Company depends on its ability to settle claims’.

For the period January 2019 to December 2019 a total of Le16,175,342,329.77 was paid out to settle Life, Medical and General Insurances claims filed by some of our clients.


These major claims were as follows:

  • Motor Insurance – Le1,088,241,826.00

  • Property Insurance – Le1,666,482,776.50

  • Death in Service – Le177,216,495.12

  • Provident Fund Withdrawals-Le2,962,116,825.12

  • Medical Insurance – Le10,281,284,407.03

*Text photo: We Settled this claim for Le 1,216,930,392.00 on a Total loss basis iron of fire damage to this Combine Harvester at Bonthe district



For the period January 2020 to November 2020, the company settled a good number of claims under various classes of insurance policies as follows:

Motor Insurance comes as a much needed respite in the event of an accident that may cause damage to your vehicle.

Below are pictures of some of the total loss claims we settled during the year 2020 among which were:

1. Standard Chartered Bank: (Le 847,417,513.55)

2. Orange S.L ( Le 277,500,000)

3.W.A.E.C (Le 220,000,000)

4. MIRO FORESTRY( Le 71,422,511.83)


*Total cost of claims is 1.4Billion Leones.*

For the past 9 years our total claims settled are as follows:



2011             -         Le  2,396,366,000.00

2012             -         Le  3,956,973,000.00

2013             -         Le  5,380,644,000.00

2014             -         Le  4,955,195,000.00

2015             -         Le  5,764,288,000.00

2016             -         Le  8,061,138,000.00

2017             -         Le  9,231,523,000.00

2018             -         Le  8,251,519,000.00

2019             -         Le  11,655,602,000.00

2020             -        Le  9,967,768,000.00



Some of our major claims settled include the following:


2012                       -                   Le 242,729,550.00             (Flood Damage)

2013                       -                   Le 1,500,000,000.00         (Life Death Claim)

2014                       -                   Le 400,000,000.00           (Fidelity Guarantee)

2015                       -                   Le 440,000,000.00           (Fire Damage)

  1. – Le262,500,000.00(Damage to Machinery)

  2. – Le230,794,000.00(Motor Comprehensive)

2019                       –                   Le 1,216,930,392.00       (Fire Damage to Machine)

2020                       -                   Le    846,917,513.55          (Motor Comprehensive)

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