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Who is Aureol Insurance Company Ltd?
Aureol Insurance Company is overseen by a board consisting of professionals that are highly recognized in the society and in their respective professions. The board is led by a Chairman.

Mission Statement


To be a World Class Insurer by providing a full range of Insurance and other Financial Services in a profitable manner.

Our Objectives

To emerge as Sierra Leone’s leading Insurer and a good Corporate Citizen with Insurance as its Core Business.
Financial Highlights
See our financial reports section for details

Aureol Insurance is a company that works hard, plays hard and is very aggressive in satisfying its customers and shareholders. We push the envelope with highly competitive and innovative products to meet a wide range of needs and budget. For this reason, the company has been profitable throughout the years as is reflected in our financial records.


We offer a full suite of insurance products to fit every budget and need. We are here to help whether you are an individual, a small business or even a large corporation. Our full line of products are sure to meet your needs. If you do not find a product that fulfills your specific requirements, please drop in to chat with one of our qualified associates to discuss options.

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Management Team
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