Professional Indemnity Policy

It is absolutely imperative that professionals who accept fees for their professional services are expected to maintain the highest possible standard of care and accuracy. Failure to do so will necessitate legal action for errors and omission in exercising their professional duties. The Aureol Professional Indemnity Policy provides cover for the Insured's legal liability for financial loss incurred by a third party which may arise out of errors and omissions by the Insured when acting in a professional capacity.

This insurance is designed to cover all sums which the Insured shall become legally liable to pay as compensation for accidental bodily injury and/or damage to property of any third party arising out of and in connection with the Insured's business.

In addition, all costs and expenses of litigation recovered by any claimant against the Insured or incurred with our written consent are covered.

Information required to obtain a quote:

  • Name of proposer
  • Profession
  • Date business was established
  • Professional Qualifications
  • Details and qualification of partners if any
  • Total number of staff in your employment
  • Limit of Indemnity required
  • Your claims experience
  • The number of offices you operate