Personal Accident Policy

This policy is designed to provide compensation to the insured or his legal representative for Death, Permanent Total Disablement, Temporary Total Disablement or Medical Expenses arising from accident caused by external violent and visible means whereby such bodily injury shall directly and independently of any other cause result in death, loss or disablement. Disablement is generally inferred when a person is so injured that he cannot engage in any business of any kind or attend to his normal occupation. Such disability could be permanent or short duration. The policy can be extended cover Weekly Benefit up to a period 52 weeks if the person covered under the policy is suffering from Temporary Total Disability as a result of an accident and cannot perform his usual occupation. By extension of the policy Medical Expenses incurred as a result of an accident could be covered.


Unlike the Workmen’s Compensation / Employer’s Liability cover which covers the employee whilst in the course of employment, this policy provides 24 hours coverage.

Compensation level may be annual salary, multiples of annual salary or a fixed amount.

This policy could be taken by companies and Non Governmental Organizations for their employees. It can also be taken by organizations such as Social and recreational clubs, Churches, Mosques etc for their members as well as by individuals for themselves.

Information required to obtain a quote:

  • Type of business
  • Number of employee or members
  • Amount of Medical Expenses per employee/member if required
  • Do you require Weekly Compensation Benefits
  • Total Compensation – Please select:
    1. 1 Year’s Remuneration
    2. 2 Year’s Remuneration
    3. 3 Year’s Remuneration
    4. Fixed Amount