Fidelity Guarantee Policy

The Fidelity Guarantee insurance covers losses sustained by the employer in respect of actual money but not other property by reason of fraud or dishonesty on the part of the employee in connection with his employment. Aureol will make good and reimburse the Employer in respect of the above losses.

Information required to obtain a quote:

  • The extent of control over the work of the person to be guaranteed
  • The record, standing and reputation of the employee.
  • The system of checking of the accounts and general supervision of the employee.

The type of Fidelity Guarantees required:

  1. Individual Policy: This Policy covers an individual for a stated amount
  2. Collective Policy: This Policy covers a group of employees. The Insured decides the amount of guarantee required for each individual according to his or her responsibility and position
  • The Limit of Insurance required