Buglary Insurance Policy


The policy, amongst other things, provides cover for loss of or damage to property by theft followed by actual forcible and violent breaking into or out of the premises or any attempt thereat.



Damage to the premises liable to be borne by the insured as a result of such theft or any theft attempt is also covered by the policy.

This policy can be taken by people in business to cover their merchandises office contents and electronic equipment etc. This is absolutely important because incidence like burglary can put on hold your growth plan because of it’s resulting financial burden.

House owners occupying their houses can insure the contents of their houses. Also tenants can also insure their personal effects against burglary.

The Burglary Policy for residences can be extended to cover Fire and Special /Additional Perils

Information required to obtain a quote:
  • Name of Proposer
  • Type of property to be insured –E.g. Stock, Personal Effects
  • Value of property to be insured
  • Location of Risk
  • Construction of building housing the property to be insured
  • Security precautions in place such as watchman, alarm system, CCTV, doors leading to the premises