Aureol Home Comprehensive Policy

This is a package policy specifically designed to cover buildings used for private dwelling as well as their contents. It covers the risks of Fire, Lightning, Explosion, Earthquake, Riot and Strike, Civil Commotion and Tornado or Windstorm, Flood, Malicious Acts, Bursting or overflowing of water tanks, damage caused by aircraft or other aerial devices as well as Theft.

The policy also offers Personal Accident cover as well as your liability to third party.

Information required to obtain a quote:

  • Proposer's Name
  • Value of property to be insured
  • Level of cover required for Third Party Liability
  • Level of cover required for injury to yourself
  • Type of construction of property (Building)
  • Description of property (Other than building)
  • Location of risk
  • Construction of building housing the property to be insured
  • Security precautions in place such as watchman, alarm system, CCTV, doors leading to the premises